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Koderia is an online portal for developers and students with a focus on software engineering. The portal brings information about the industry such as articles, events, job posts, and original content – blogs, but also offers additional support such as payroll calculator, adequate salary calculator technical dictionary, etc.

Our goal

The main goal of Koderia (formerly campaigned as “Developers for Developers”) was to increase the amount of email subscribers for our open positions at Objectify.


Lots of companies offer open positions to software developers. We had to distinguish and create a product, which will be unique. At the same time, it was important to build trust between the company and developers.

The beginning of the multi-functional portal

Started as a simple website with a simple form, where developers were able to find out how much they should earn (Adequate salary calculator). We had a proper knowledge of the economic situation in the industry so we were able to deliver personal, quick and adequate responses. The campaign was popular among developers and gained hundreds of new contacts. At that point, we decided to create an online space that will merge all important information about the industry into a one place.

Moving to Vue and Firestore

As Koderia grew, it became apparent that WordPress simply won’t be enough.

The decision to go with Firebase proved to be a beneficial one. Firebase offered us many out-of-the-box customizable features such as:

  • Realtime Database was used until more querying possibilities were needed, while Firestore provides everything we needed since and probably will ever need concerning the Koderia project.
  • Cloud Functions proved to be a fitting replacement for a standard backend.
  • Firebase Authentication was a pleasant feature to use and implement. Providers such as Google, Facebook, Github (and also standard email + password) were implemented with ease.
  • Firebase CI/CD also offered us an easy-to-use deployment solution that we have set up and used since our first release.
Graphs, visualizations, and much more can now be found at Koderia. We pay many thanks to chart.js. Integrating this library along with many other both external and custom-made libraries was effortless.

Key features of Koderia today

Koderia CV

Curriculum Vitae

Most advanced feature of Koderia is a unique CV developed for software engineers. Design of the CV is adjusted for the software industry and helps to communicate information in an easier and tidier way, than most of the other CV service available. Developers are then able to apply for open positions on Koderia, or anywhere else. While building this feature our main aspects of the product were:
The CV had to be easily readable on all devices and print
Language selector
Users have to be able select languages
For more privacy, users are able to protect their CV with a password
LinkedIn support
Transfer information easily from LinkedIn

Skill Graph

Skill Graph

The main point that differentiates Koderia CV from any other, is a radar chart, that shows how much a person is oriented on Fronted, Backend, Database, Dev/Ops, or Styling. This helps to understand all the skills, education, and experience with a blink of an eye.

People that created their CVs are able to react to open positions more quickly and also see whether the position suits their skills and experience or not.

Payroll Calculator

Payroll calculator

Payroll calculator let users calculate their income based on type of their employment. The feature brigs rich visual representation of all the expenses and taxes. The main goal is to educate and explain, what type of employment is better in their situation. Many Slovak companies, especially in IT industry, offers contract instead of permanent employment. As the salary varies in these cases, the user is informed about all the differences.

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Original content

Koderia creates a place, where users are always able to find new and fresh information related to the software industry. This is made of sections that deliver dynamic content:
3rd party articles and videos, carefully selected by us
One place for all the offline and online IT events in Slovakia
Space for our thoughts and anyone who wants to share their ideas among our audience
Our primary content lets users find their next profession in IT industry

Koderia kept the first feature – The adequate salary calculator, which is now also integrated into CV. There is no need to fill another form. When the CV is created, the adequate salary is calculated too.

Throughout the time the project is online, Koderia established its place in Slovakia and plans to continue with the support for developers, bringing new features and improve existing ones.

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