Case studies

We helped to solve these

During the past years, we were able to help many companies and create powerful tools. Here you can find the case studies from projects we want to talk about.


CELINE is an umbrella inventory management system that gathers data from Orange affiliates about their network infrastructure and presents it in a unified way. CELINE is used by GNOC (Global Network Operation Center), which is responsible for operating networks in various Orange affiliates. GNOC is using CELINE as a primary source of inventory-related data regarding the infrastructure it maintains.


The DMS application is a centralized, web-based storage platform for all your digital content; documents, photos, wiki content, and decision trees. The application is designed to keep up with large volumes of data. Part of the solution is a rule-based loader that can connect to various data sources and migrate or synchronize content to DMS.


Dodes is the abbreviation for Diagnostic nodes. It is a methodology designed by Prof. Dr. Paul Martin Putora from St. Gallen hospital in Switzerland. Its goal is to document medical treatment guidelines in a structured way and allow for further analyses of these guidelines to promote the most up to date medical procedures.


Koderia is an online portal for developers and students with a focus on software engineering. The portal brings information about the industry such as articles, events, job posts, and original content – blogs, but also offers additional support such as payroll calculator, adequate salary calculator technical dictionary, etc.