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Dealfabrix is a blockchain-based tool for the complete management of Syndicated Loans and SSD’s (Solid State Drives) for large corporate institutions. It covers the management of the deal on both the Debtor and Investor side. With our know-how in document management, we have provided a document storage solution for all documents created in the process of deal negotiation, for example, contracts, financial reports, etc.

The Financial Times awarded the platform with the Innovative Lawyer Award 2019.


Erste Group Bank AG (Erste Group) is one of the largest financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe, serving 15.7 million clients in over 2,700 branches in seven countries.

Core features

  • API design and implementation for document management solution
  • Storage and presentation of large files
  • Security on documents and document multitenancy

Core competences

Automated testingDockerDocument managementMicroservices


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