This is what we do

We collaborate with leading companies on various projects in banking, telecommunications, and other industries.
Identity Management


Evolveum actively develops and maintains a comprehensive open-source product combining identity management and governance features, called midPoint.

Document store for Dealfabrix

Implementation of blockchain applications with usage of Java and Spring Stack.

Telecommunications Inventory Visualisation

Documenting telecommunications infrastructure for one of the largest network providers in the EU.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Backend applications implemented with the usage of Java and Spring stack.
Online betting

Intuitive online betting experience

In 2016 we started to support NIKÉ, the leading betting provider in Slovakia, with the development of a desktop and mobile portal for online betting.

Card transactions processing

Our software engineers participate in the creation and adaptation of APIs in card processing centers for clients from the banking industry.

ONAP contribution

Contributing to the inventory part of the ONAP project using Java and Spring Stack.

Tezos Rust Node (TezEdge)

We are part of the community actively contributing to TezEdge implementation.